Shisse! …Shadow of a Stowaway Onboard

When the negative factor hounds me
I break from my leash in defiance
determined to strike back,
non-compliant to misplaced authoritative rule
demanding faith without proof of conscience

As ‘the contemptible other’
dons his signature piss-assed façade
hell-bent on humiliation as his favored tool,
I’m left laughingly saying
what’s it to you if “I do” or “I don’t”,
kicking myself free of the control he tries to impose
contrary to my own limits of patience,
for I won’t lay down with the devil’s playmate
at the helm of my sailing ship

We’ll do things my way, for I am the maiden Captain
and he the hellacious stowaway seeking free passage,
all the while threatening mutiny,
with me determined he’ll walk the gang-plank
destined to join ranks among the vilest creatures
of the boundless sea

The Damned v. The Holy

I’ll not compromise my integrity
to appease anyone proven so wholly inscrutable as you
so obviously out of your league attempting to seize control

I’ve farmed bounty from the Endless Sea
to nourish & refresh my immortal soul
seeking the comfort of Destiny’s promise
of freedom for the Chosen Ones
who, in life, walked a path enriched with godly insight

Learn as You Go

Heartfelt insults come easily to mind, acting as
the driving force behind my quest for freedom
and motivational support in striving to maintain the lead
in controlling the particulars of my success, while
declining to follow blindly in the footsteps of my predecessors
revealing my strength of character under fire
and my willingness to proceed, whatever the expense
because the taste of payback is sweet to the palate
and acquiring knowledge is half the battle fought and won


Let’s do yesterday again, my love
Don’t deny me the rush of your sea
Believe in me as I do in you
Trust in fate’s divine intervention
Let me wrestle down your fears the way I did my own

Being of mature mind I refine my ideologies,
assured above all else, that
by simple definition using powers of deductive reasoning
the truth of love remains a logical conclusion
unifying enlightened souls