With all due formalities in play
my estimation of the experience [my spiel]
has been delivered to the source of opportunity
for their evaluation of material facts
leaving nothing to their wildest imaginings

I left my reservations evident
neatly tucked between the lines
speaking in language easily understood
with all the dirty laundry airing in plain sight
where wreaking righteous havoc is my claim to fame

The Hardly Boys, Sleuths Extraordinaire

“I was conned, but by whom?” thought Ms. Fiona Harvey.
Needing answers, she called in The Hardly Boys
to take charge of the investigation.
Youthful but thorough, Fiona put her full confidence
in Hardly Boys Crime Fighters, private eyes of worldly renown.

Although barely out of puberty and not yet 21,
The Hardlys were tops in their field, resourceful and discreet.
They graduated with honors ahead of their class,
no babes-in-the-wood despite their young age.

Solving TV crime had been their favorite game to play,
kids passing time studying techniques of the greats,
simultaneously reading stories developed
by famous writers of mystery and masters of suspense.

Early on, The Boys were inspired to dream of their own fame
as sleuths of importance, making it their primary aim,
incorporating fiction and fact into the rules of best evidence.