Poets go inside when the temperature drops

Never needing to apologize
Never trying to categorize
Never meaning to violate a trust
Doing whatever seems a must
Have I already said too much or still not enough?
Clearing debris from the playing field
& now that that’s been done – game on
Pushing penciled thoughts over blank pages
I shan’t admit to the past, if only to repeat myself
Scientific measures have failed me
Do I believe in magic?
Caught in my own trap, seeming lifeless, limp
Pretending I don’t believe doesn’t work – I must compete
… Poets go inside when the temperature drops …
attempting to negotiate terms of enduring love
flexing one’s virtual muscles
in a godless rage
softened by a choreographed blow to the chin
while hiding a badly bruised ego

A Trace of Confidence

You left your indelible mark
like a victory flag
[that brilliant smile]
in the most suggestible part of my psyche
… how could I ever let you forget …
why not step up to the plate & swing the bat
lest things go badly for me
in the long-running drama of my life
… steady or not here I come …
building upon a trace of confidence


Dearest Child

My one and only Son,
over these many years
we’ve fought many battles hand-in-hand
sharing both pain & laughter

We’ve met many objectives together
supporting each other, your smile my reward
letting the good times roll
sharing thoughts & stepping stones

We’ve come to where we are today
I promise I won’t let you down
I’m here for you now, as always
let me be your favorite clown

Sweet innocence may be gone
as we look back over the past
but let us journey on with all the passion
that holds us close in heart & spirit

Gone Too Far

The men in white coasts will be a-comin’
approaching from the North
– heatwave or cold spell – what’s the difference –
either draws special attention
– to melt down or seize up is the question –
a burning question indeed
eating away at the brain, spreading discord
– the boogeyman waits on the sidelines –
driving the getaway van