Leaping to Conclusions

Talk comes cheap delving deep
beyond eternity
Idioms of language
encapsulate meaning
for those who’d comprehend
their simplicity

Here’s one for the annals
for although complex
we all have debts
electricity & the like
similar in content
to words of the wise
we all revere as truth

Men who contend for a prize
no more than approving ayes
advancements for the betterment of Man
to heal wounds of dissatisfaction
& love is the prime moving factor
on which we can rely
with enhancement of life & matter
the ever elusive goal

Sweet Scents of Experience

Insulted face-to-face set the pace
disappearing in a puff of scented smoke

Risky business has its allure
the call of the wild has its limits
Never been the flirtatious kind
rather using my head instead

I see no reason to act out of turn
I bequeath my soul to the sciences
where mystery still abounds
thriving on the middle-ground of life

Here I stand doting on experience
of past & present tense
My best defense is limitless
turning the tables in my favor