To Be Determined at a Later Date

Without having been coached along my way,
I could not be a team player today…
Character acting develops over time
growing old in spirit, one dies, not an option…
Nutritional experience feeds the wandering soul
expediency dictates quick-witted responses…
Around any corner, destiny lies in wait
& sometimes, I don’t want to go on…
Sooner or later, regaining composure,
necessity of faith joins the waiting-game
after considerable deliberation
from a vantage point behind the scenes

Author: Emma Beane

"My history is still one of those mysteries I struggle with every day..." - [ebeane] ... All original works Copyright Emma Beane

4 thoughts on “To Be Determined at a Later Date”

      1. Your words are always so kind, Candice… you leave me speechless 🙂
        You speak so easily & how could that ever not be the real you…
        You tower over me in your eloquence! ❤


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