Spare Change

None but the brave dare play the game
when the outcome always seems the same…
Sometimes, perseverance pays, as often as not…

In Life & Love, things change,
developing like a work of fine art…
With the wisdom of the ageing process,
enhanced by contributions in our campaign for peace,
proponents for advancement proceed, off the beaten path…

Somewhat reluctant, I accept my responsibilities,
altering my mood, as only I can do…

Closing the Book on This Bit of History

Wipe that grin from your face,
I beat your best trick.
Lost count of your offenses
but you committed an amoral sin,
your last transgression.
But of this be assured,
will be Hell coming to collect its due
if it hasn’t already.

To this day, I hate to speak his name,
calling him ‘the bad-ex’ or ‘shithead’
depending on who I’m talking to,
and for what reason.

Making History of Door No. 3

I rue first setting eyes on you
& the dire consequences that soon ensued
But my timing was right on cue
with an impeccable attitude

I was coming & going
through a revolving door
until I would take no more
of your sleazy badass approach to life

In due time I broke from your hold
with a final bold cut to my bonds
finding sweet freedom to make my stand
in the arms of a better man

8 Burning Questions

Where is the Governor when a stay of execution is in order…
Where is an eraser when you need a change…
What good is a watch when you can’t read the time…
What good is a license when you don’t use it to drive…
What good are phonies when you can’t seem to please them…
What good is a book without meaning to convey…
What good are eyes when you can’t see the Light…
And what fun is a game with too many rules…