Vantage point -by Robert Gardner

Still strong and young,
Like a madman I clung
To a seemingly perfect summer dream,
Then I paddled out to the highest surf
To ride the darker stream –
Now tidal hands that knew no pain
Lifted me over the level plane
Of gentle sand and the houses of Man –
A creature perched on a single board
Smaller than a baby’s finger seen
By an Angel’s best eye,
A thousand miles high.

“Bio”… Overexposed

I heard his name, clearly spoken in my ear
– my devil took on a familiar identity
I laughed, though pained, again & again
– and my enemy became a fickle friend
My thoughts grew tainted by confusion
– unsure whether to go on or not
I was playing along, regaining my strength
– in a game of choices between right & wrong
I worked through my problems
– adding up provable facts one-by-one
And now when I look in the mirror
– I see a more believable me