First & Foremost

There’s been a song in my heart from the start
with no instrument nor voice to impart,
just a string of words to convey what I mean
– no melody, just poetry with a beat –
eyes upturned toward the heavens overhead
& thoughts rambling, to be heard by the masses,
interpretations of dreams & nightmares
– and I shudder to think what comes next –

Partners in the Dance

Once upon a time I understood what was on my mind,
then next I knew I was under attack from my past
and my future was painted black for a time

Robert & I reconnected, old friends from a different era,
now lovers in all kinds of weather with a sound foundation

I’m out of excuses with plenty of reasons
Cold hard facts speak for themselves
You were right there to hold my hand, when I need to make a stand
and interpret my options in times of adversity
fraught with complexities & counter-demands
to study from the inside & out,
carefully designing a workable plan
justified by past, present & future events,
to once more warm the heart of everyman