Recounting the Years

I grew into womanhood at 17
& mastered the art of seduction at 23
[or thereabouts, so it seems]

Became a mother at 28
& relearned familial love
[the truth behind Door #2]

Became bitter with life & an alcoholic,
four long years behind Door #3
[firsthand look at the core of hatred]


I’m at odds with my daemons,
properly respectful of their place in the scheme of things,
for Evil walks the four corners of Earth
to incite battle after battle in our pursuit of Truth

Reduce your luggage of its excess weight
& push the limits of fair debate
Pose no threat to self-respect
nor amplify its best-intended rantings
to a level beyond average acceptance

Self-Absorbed Scoundrel

His agenda soon turned ill-intended,
breaking through my last wall of defense

Immature & somewhat inexperienced
I found him out the hard way,
belts & bruises later

Holding my own despite the tempest
I was swept along by the wind over sea,
livin’ a nightmare where evil thrives

Sworn to satisfaction through action
I stood my ground,
a little tipsy,
victorious over that devil’s pawn

Leave ‘Em While You’re Laughing

May I never surrender a moment prematurely
– have studied how to have it my way –

I’ve a flair for dramatics
– I like it that way –

Comedy – harmony – battle ax by name
building up to the climax
– styled in my own way, shape or form –
proceeding on better terms than before
– clearly understood for my efforts –