We, the Sane

I’ll carry this affliction to my grave & for all Time
should I not achieve beyond my wildest dream
blessed with a wealth of experience & humility
well within the parameters of my every act

Wit & wisdom strike a blow for Humanity
reaching far beyond those feeble-hearted to comprehend
unwilling to take steps toward the unknown
and unable to partner with the concept of ‘Eternity’


Driving on, with no certain sense of direction
eyes open & looking, for a connecting point
words on which to rest my remains
wise to the ways of mankind, at war with doubt
days ahead, full of promise
instinctively insane & voiceless
trying to redeem myself with the devil
and mend the broken seam of things

… meanwhile, the refrain remains the same …
Within each man, woman or child
there dwells a Devil
One may be It’s slave
or Master it

… and the leading question is still unanswered …
What would you do, to do it like you want to?
… here and now, back to the sub-plot …

As Seen in Dream

Once upon a time, in a city anywhere
I’m knocking on doors, checking for locks
or a welcoming apparition, ghost-like in appearance
travelling back to a different time, past or future
reminiscing or fantasizing, what was or is yet to come

The pieces fit neatly side by side, in dreamlike setting
wants & needs met, with singular finality
success or failure, equal partners
Dream is up for matters of opinion, open to interpretation
seaming together garments, of consistency & achievement
with a warm greeting, hiding behind my timid smile
and, ‘an autograph’, all I can muster