Motive & Means

Can’t resist buying change
plugging the leaky faucet of materialism
wanting to raise awareness & emotion
but I haven’t got the backing
and have no special powers to sell my ideals
… neither overly qualified nor driven to lead …

I’m all about talk & satisfaction
wanna be strong
play along
with those who possess the skill-set to succeed
worthy to be followed by a secretive society
using justifiable means to achieve amicable ends
from the broad spectrum of rights & wrongs
… interpreting social phenomena …

What a Drag It Is to See You

He subtly said won’t you come to my bed
but I needed more than mere suggestion
He promised wealth and endless devotion
but never having heard it outside a crowd, I walked
& I still can’t decide between fact and illusion
& I can honestly and reasonably say I’m perplexed
so I take on life with a weathered smile and twist of lime