A Trace of Confidence [another for TBT]

You left your indelible mark
like a victory flag
[that brilliant smile]
in the most suggestible part of my psyche
… how could I ever let you forget …
why not step up to the plate & swing the bat
lest things go badly for me
in the long-running drama of my life
… steady or not here I come …
building upon a trace of confidence

Poets go inside when the temperature drops [an oldie]

Never needing to apologize
Never trying to categorize
Never meaning to violate a trust
Doing whatever seems a must
Have I already said too much or still not enough?
Clearing debris from the playing field
& now that that’s been done – game on
Pushing penciled thoughts over blank pages
I shan’t admit to the past, if only to repeat myself
Scientific measures have failed me
Do I believe in magic?
Caught in my own trap, seeming lifeless, limp
Pretending I don’t believe doesn’t work – I must compete
… Poets go inside when the temperature drops …
attempting to negotiate terms of enduring love
flexing one’s virtual muscles
in a godless rage
softened by a choreographed blow to the chin
while hiding a badly bruised ego

On the Job

Never been one to buddy-up to the ass-kissers
… bad company indeed …

Up, and on the move
… honesty sparks desire …

Fed up with wasted dialogue & senseless mind-matter
… telling me when to call it quits …

Weaving such worthy encounters into my life
… I call sharing poetry my joy now …


The scent of a flowering friendship
passing thru these firewalls between us
and permeating the clear atmosphere

Breathe in deeply & exhale slowly
warmed by a baby’s cries answered
and savoring memories for the stories we tell

And in this way, a beginning & a middle
passionately come to light from dawn to dusk
squeezing the last drop from a bottle of conditioner