Trying to Define Reason

With passing seasons of my life
I was deemed a marked man
as daughter of the night,
positing my dual existence
the work of a devil’s apprentice

Equally heaven-blessed
with gaiety beyond the norm,
pegged as a follower of the light,
distanced by introspection
with deeply felt self-expression

Sworn to the secrecy of my plight
lacking words of explanation,
improper advances in pseudo-science
shedding no light on the subject at hand,
once again left to my own limited devices

Give & Receive Pleasure

50% me & 50% you complete a circle of trust,
loyal companions assured of mutual support,
sharing good cheer & an urge to splurge
on carefully chosen words

Egotistically feigning ignorance & indifference,
a stickler for details, professing innocence
and tightening knots to stop the unraveling of fabric
carefully chosen & woven for a snug fit

Left my heart, not in San Francisco as the song goes,
but a different town altogether,
temporarily lost at sea
’til you & I realigned & declared undying love
treasuring our first kiss

Refresh …

I’ve better things to do than rely on you
Clue me in to absolve me of sin
From beginning to end I’m on the mend
Excuses & reasons meet in the middle
riddled with guilt & innocence

Been over-thinking standard options
trusting no one but you, my Love
less distressed after catching my breath
changing my tune, psychologically improved
… call me zany …
but don’t underestimate my resilience