Silence as Healing Strategy

I’ve aired my frustrations in a display of angst
unleashing the demons I fear most to run free –
My stoic act is a reflection of improbable facts
pieced together from remains of a shattered rearview mirror –

I’ve played my hand as a second-rate poet
toying with picture-perfect events – past, present, & future
as the noise in my head amplifies the impact of this emotional portrayal
forcing a strained silence to surface
as I struggle to disentangle the damages of articulation

Dear Diary, 30 October

Frozen with fear
mentally impaired
forgotten by time

Limited by finances
calling for careful planning
spending dollars where quarters
just won’t cover the cost

I don’t fit in
can’t reason it out
in the grip of self-doubt,
I pout over nothing
and every little thing,
standing in my way
of achieving fame
not for the glory
but to weave a story,
a tall tale of  survival
against all odds of betrayal
at the whims of another

A scholarly approach
proved unfruitful
useless on a cowardly knave,
fallen before the faithful
accustomed to hard times
playing in character
and adapting to change
with no restrictive limits

Completing the Cycle of Life

In dreams
I lie face-down on desert sands
the only man alive for miles around

Can’t make light of this predicament
gone is my enthusiasm, the hour is late
the pain too great to measure
failure too weighty, too confusing
driven on by hate
to debate fate

Taken in by hopes for a leisurely afterlife
entertaining thoughts of Paradise
I walk in the loving embrace of destiny
as one among the many chosen

Take Shelter Where You May

Revolving doors leading only-god-knows-where
… could it be they lead to a devils’ lair?
… have we been there before?
You’ll find it unwise to cross the dividing line if memory serves
for hell boastfully claims “Victory shall be mine.”

There’s always a ‘tell’, meaning “Caution, child,
be aware of choices such as hindsight has shown
for safety in passing unbroken through ‘The Twilight Zone’
where all must learn that often mistakes come from haste.”
Meaning all is well, God cries, “Come my way, and pace yourself…”

Where does it Go from here?

Bats in the belfry
ape-shit crazy on account of you
Tried in the courts – certifiably resourceful
A skilled player thinking ahead
certain to abide by the rules of evidence & restraint
passing ‘Go’ for another 200 from the bank
in support of a responsible course of action
purposeful – distinct – yet incomplete
under guidance from ‘above’ & ‘below’
to play each scene as appropriate to goal

Come Another Moody Monday

I sit silently biding time by the River
reviewing immaterial lies of omission
essential components of life’s many mysteries

Perplexed & inattentive
focused on my role as Miss Adventure
the outside world goes on & on
with the River’s flow key to our arrival
on the scene with a cosmic thread for guidance
thru the dark passages that lie within

Cross the divide between theory & wild speculation
pondering the capabilities of conjoined minds thinking alike
treading the route favored by genius gone before