Let’s do yesterday again, my love
Don’t deny me the rush of your sea
Believe in me as I do in you
Trust in fate’s divine intervention
Let me wrestle down your fears the way I did my own

Being of mature mind I refine my ideologies,
assured above all else, that
by simple definition using powers of deductive reasoning
the truth of love remains a logical conclusion
unifying enlightened souls


Stumbled into a hornets nest of disapproval,
heightening my expression of ominous rage,
internalizing my pain again & again,
raising objections in my incurably diseased brain,
testing my patience with difficult questions,
my temperature rising to high intensity, and
me growing more disagreeable moment by moment

Sitting on a Gold Mine

Sentimental treasures link present to the past
with overstated maneuvers I spoke in amiable jest,
given to misleading introductions met with silence
and cold looks of expectation
well beyond proprieties on first meeting,
finding hostility the unfair return to my truthful innocence,
the charge far exceeding your over-rated sense of worth,
despite my expressed intent to find favor in your eyes