Prone, Disarmed & Dispossessed

Riddled into your insanity
I accept the greater challenge
decidedly undefeated
engaged in heated battle
against your strategically-dimwitted offense
and me using the simple tools
with which I’ve been heavenly-blest

Spare me your ruse
the badass-mask you wear so well
for you haven’t the necessary presence of mind
to fool even the weakest link
You’re supporting the court’s findings
of your own faults of incompetency and ignorance
squandering a lethal amount of your limited defenses
left unconditionally alone and prone

Voicing hints of instability
interrogating the demonic ‘presence’
clowning without conscience – chasing cheap thrills
Nitpicking at results of carefully planted doubts
discombobulating developmental thought
you insist on further disruption of proven fact
using abuse and confusion of incomprehensible intent
as your last line of defense
weakened by my strength of character
and deliberate acts of aggression

Author: Emma Beane

"My history is still one of those mysteries I struggle with every day..." - [ebeane] ... All original works Copyright Emma Beane

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