Needful, Way Back When…

I experienced hearing the Music of the Spheres
in an altered State of Mind
Saw many wondrous sights & insights
from all the little lights

From patterns in everything
I found laughter for the first time
hidden in my psyche
for as long as I could remember

From a tragic youth, I blossomed
and found release for my inner voice
dying to be heard



I learned that speaking to god is easy
but the response sometimes hard to fathom
For god has a difficult mind
and it’s often hard to follow
when he strays from my decided path
leaving me in total confusion
ever changing the rules of misconduct


I knocked but no one had an answer
I hypothesized but no one read the formula
Like tempered glass I shattered
Like the rain I fell from cloud nine
and nourished new growth
I bet on the ponies and lost my shirt
Standing naked I bathed in solitude
I tried to bake a cake but misplaced the recipe
I only know a little but I’ve learned a lot
… tell me, where lies the truth of the universe …