Excerpt for “Achieving Sanity”

Planning as The Ideal

Never give up one’s greatest desire, for all the while, love shapes an alternating scenario of one’s highest possibilities for growth of the human brain, rooted in conditions of rapid change and modification of respected ideals.  Bringing the Mind, once again, to fall under the rules of logic – we control situational abnormalities before they can poison the broth of expectations.

At face value, need, when neglected, is rationally met with dissatisfaction if found to be standing unchallenged.  One must reassuringly rely solely on beliefs coupled with the scientific concept of synchronicity in transference of thought, having once damaged and flawed an intuition of unrealized performance levels in practical application to the nature of truth.


© 2019 Emma Beane

Healed by Time & Time-Alone

Blame, when shared, is scarce yet sane
presenting no surprises, no shame, most tame
materially free of contentious lure,
not to be the fool mistook before,
wearing no badge of dishonor
nor to be diseased with no sure cure
for what ails a hungry heart,
when burdened with curious doubt
at once dispelled with assurances and promise
nurtured by time, respect and focus