Be you Man or Muse in the Universal Scheme?

What’s a girl to do in lock-up, carted-off by men in white-coats
but build upon her strength of character
in full possession of mental faculties,
sane for practical purposes & reasoning unimpaired?
– I know the who & how of offenses –
[who was playing Blind Man’s Bluff as if it was a game]
– no impairment of my judgment there –
– sights & sounds clearly evident –

All that’s left to question is the wisdom & the “Whys?”
I’m well aware of the “How’s that…? or come again…?”
made abundantly clear

Author: Emma Beane

"this bird's gotta have a say, oh come what may..." [ebeane] All original works displayed here are protected by Copyright - Emma Beane

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