‘Thee’ and I of You and ‘Me’

These journeys –
from Heaven to Hell & from Hell back
to a Heavenly state of Mind
… seeing prophecies fulfilled, some scriptures of doom …
… some stories, as old as the hills …

Can you find it in your heart to impart,
tell me, “what have you seen ‘reading’
that may reveal our parts”
in dialog & the actions that follow
within this plot-development,
that we may re-invent our futures, narrowly escaping,
from points-of-view as if more spontaneous,
more conducive to assurances of successful happiness
in returning to the land of our birth
… to first bliss …
[mistakenly typecast as ‘The Lovers’ of The Tarot]
thus improving our character evaluation
in experience yet unfolding

The Trouble with Innocence

On a grander scale of the usual fare
brutality comes with a curse,
the innocent being the weakest link
standing between godliness & adulthood
pitting Man against Nature,
angrily seeking a return on our investment,
reborn to creativity, plodding along on-course
in harmonious accord with one’s wit & will
and the Universal flux of emotion


[updated – originally published on WordPress 10/21/2018]

The Fervor of My Ways

Why oh why – do I cry dry tears
times I can’t be with you

Why oh why – do I hide
from sums that don’t compute

Why oh why – do I mumble
thoughts that don’t conform

Why oh why – do I beg of science
to cure me of my ills

Why oh why – do I surmise
that which can’t be proven

… and …

Why oh why – be guided by
antiquated precepts


[originally published on WordPress October 22, 2017]

a little skittish, without apology…

— no novice to terror in familiar surrounds
— commanding no fear, both been there & back
— too road-wary not to rally at once on the offense
— beware betrayal met without recompense

I been set up again by no mere man’s foul play & I don’t take kindly to a fist in the back — it’s 2nd nature to yank in the slack

Sunny Side

Into the sun’s sultry glare of suspense
I surrendered my care
movable obstacles as tossaways
and a long history of weathered heritage
worn, and tucked safely, ‘neath our thorny crowns

With binding silken threads of prior misgivings
we stitch the fabric of futures
into highly decorated fine summer apparel
thinking – ready now – here it comes
– and you’ll soon remember –
this call for action rests in Heavenly Quest

. . .

“They’re stealing our Credo to discredit the Power of Love”
[ebeane – March 17, 2019]

Just as they poisoned His name – Dave Mason – in my many years struggling for my sanity…

With a Blink & a Nod

Forget ways of long lonesome days spent in wandering
confused, amused, and willingly playful,
pledging to give sanity a run for its money
while meeting challenge, toe-stepping ahead in the game,
employing gainful measures of timing and endurance,
trained in meaningful pauses for silent thought

Applying skills of conscience and restraint,
devotion and discipline guide us throughout our struggles,
synchronizing timetables with problematic goals,
revealing meanings once hidden behind curtains of doubt

Tunneling through cavernous remains of days gone by,
revitalizing roots of grand designs for tomorrow
infusing Lives with renewed purpose and reason
and a longing for Loves’ guiding embrace