Androgyny – with poem

Interesting enough – an accidental double-exposure…
(from 1975 Photography Shoot – Orlando FL)


Kent Barker Photography, Dallas TX USA – 1975

I’m intrigued by my masculine self,
ride its higher highs
Controlling –
advancing beyond my limits
taking more chances than one would ever allow –

That arrogance shuffled-down one-day-past
Confidence so strong it looks the sin of pride –

I don’t pretend to think I know you
will I ever –

Maybe even more men should let their feminine fly
I guess some just aren’t that complicated –
for I’ve grown many ways more like a man
and I like it –

But some things I can’t do without counsel –

Aside from the facts,
I’m making up direction as I string along
with my runaway thoughts

Author: Emma Beane

"this bird's gotta have a say, oh come what may..." [ebeane] All original works displayed here are protected by Copyright - Emma Beane

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