Toward What Eventual End

If I give it a try, one more time
perhaps I can break the seal
to reveal the hidden contents
of my soul so dark & broody
– why all this secrecy confounding me –

What magical mystery gone before
in this mutant society of super heroes
has planted its seed
in safe harbors
– why we live & breathe –


Unified, We Grow

 Doing battle with minor insecurities
stark truth precedes the dawn
a parade of souls line up
to alter the fate of humanity
lavishly blessed by the hand of God
– those who cherish freedom –
walking a righteous path
attentive to the needs of everyman
banishing those contrary to the Master Plan



 Wherever your mind wanders
wherever your feet go
you must have a philosophy you live by,
a code of ethics, & an honest smile


Foolish Girl Be My Eyes

Phantom lovers take their places in the line-up…
I’m neither worshiper nor redeemer
& neither prophet nor protagonist…
but an agonizer in pursuit of universal truth
& a tainted soul held in love’s gentle embrace…


Fresh Buds of Discourse

 Like the fallen leaves
from moulting trees
taking on a new skin,
we must take the first step
into tomorrow’s leftovers
& live it up, each to our potential


Thinker, Be Aware

Externally, I’m normal –
I expound my ‘insanity’ in these hidden pages
like an alternate reality
where seekers may find me
standing on my soapbox –



 I like my world better than most
a crazed mind in which to wander
my own version of adventure & entertainment…
Leaving room at the top for volunteers
can you hear that knocking
come closer
& answer the phone
ringing in the palm of your hand…

As experience sweats thru our pores
we live, & learn to accept worldly constraints…
We seek global harmony
& where better to start than our own backyard…
As time progresses we’ll realize change
if only in the quality of thought…
I have to believe in the something-after
& the sanctity of the yet unknown…



 You came to me of unknown origin…
I didn’t wanna blink
lest I lose my vision of you
standing there making promises
you would not keep…



 Inundated with disconnected thoughts
a fresh day begins
looking for signs of absolution from sin,
unintended transgressions rising from the past
& unfriendly sightings when I refused to ask
“Is that all there is? Is that all you’ve got to give?”
My conscience is clear – the end is near
as events of the day usher in new meaning
to the phrase “Have a great day!”


Me Myself & Another I

My dreams are reasonable
no glowing expectations
no glam or glitter
no reprieve from reality
nor perceivable accomplishment
to fulfill my potentials
and just be Me



Author: Emma Beane

"this bird's gotta have a say, oh come what may..." [ebeane] All original works displayed here are protected by Copyright - Emma Beane

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