To The Good Doctors / Of Devils v. Angels

[ Disclaimer:  this poem is not speaking ‘of’ DAN as a fallen angel – May he rest-in-peace!!
I merely chose His words to express My feelings of misgiving on personal loss ❤ ]


Not being one to call a scapegoat, rather one patsy –
defined as ‘a person easily imposed upon or victimized’.
To wit, I think one-hit-wonder, albeit a dash-n-run blunder,
with his ‘saying’, “All you had to do was wait…”
to which I give a reply, “What for, I must implore?
You’re done riding my mind piggy-back all these many years gone by –
eavesdropping so as not to miss a bit of the monologue
without benefit of welcome, nor invitation.”

[I’m in need of your assistance today, Dan – Sing Me once more]


Author: Emma Beane

"this bird's gotta have a say, oh come what may..." [ebeane] All original works displayed here are protected by Copyright - Emma Beane

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