priceless gems…

The Ultimate in Spirituality
[ circa 1974 ]

How should I begin to explain – am I alone in believing in the universal domain? Hard Fact or Good Fiction?

I had been hearing song lyrics on the radio – and I understood. I was intrigued – and ‘insanely’ curious. In an attempt to find out what I could I paid $3 for a ticket to attend a concert by one such singer/songwriter, performing at what was then the Orlando Sports Stadium. The band was playing to a full house that night… I don’t remember the year, but it pre-dated any of my mental breakdowns (during and after 1976). I went to the show alone on what would prove to be a fateful and life-altering night…

I stared at the man intently with a scowl in my eyes, like “how dare you disturb my peace of mind?” He seemed to ‘feel’ me and returned my gaze, and cautiously raised a hand to his temple – I returned the gesture and two minds became as one… I was dumbstruck by feelings of intense pleasure from the Great Ocean of Time – at first head-to-head, then deeper, with emotions of tender shared sensitivity coursing through body and soul…

After the show I saw a roadie and asked if I might go backstage – he denied me the chance. I thought that maybe I should wait. I did wait a short while – the crowd was thinning and quickly dwindling, leaving the stadium half-full behind me and I was alone where I was, and feeling prone. I was confused and lacking in confidence that to stay would appear to be my only option – a young woman, not much more than a child myself, I chose not to be the last car in the dirt parking lot – I was driving a TR-3. I reluctantly turned and walked away…

That indelible marking quickly went to work in changing my outlook on life. And I know it’s true that my past cannot be undone – nor my wonder…

Author: Emma Beane

"this bird's gotta have a say, oh come what may..." [ebeane] All original works displayed here are protected by Copyright - Emma Beane

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