Renegades Defrocked & Disempowered

Postage due to spell out news
of a distant drummer, well-meaning dreamer,
by authority, one Father Mulcahey,
with new insights on old views –

Churning out thoughts from behind clergyman’s collar,
and as a leading Man of God,
he has accepted the challenge to maneuver the unwelcome renegades
spewing out their ignorant & unfounded claims of righteousness,
right into containment cells where they ought not want to  go,
those falsely professing a sense of belonging & just cause,
led without permissions rightfully belonging to others
higher up in rank & in good standing
nibbling on manna blessed by Men of God
acting as, & understood to be, Teachers & Leaders,
well-learn’d in the Faith of Christian belief
to find GOD

Falsehoods professed by the leading renegades
with abhorrent limited spiritual knowledge,
are evidenced by moves, and words from their mouths,
bedeviled by pre-set low limits of trustworthy note

We of strong faith must act with intent
to contain in tombs of these lesser men, those denoted
as renegades following false profits,
they, themselves, false prophets,
strung out for infractions of just cause
obviated by undue bravado & sinful pride
– and lined up as likely targets for sport –
forewarned, the Damned

Author: Emma Beane

"this bird's gotta have a say, oh come what may..." [ebeane] All original works displayed here are protected by Copyright - Emma Beane

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