Three times divorced, I have enjoyed a loving relationship with a fine man for 27 years now – a writer, a poet and an artist. I changed my name to my pen name some 19 odd years ago – a better fit by far, giving me a fresh outlook on life. I spent 30+ years in career service to the State of Florida. I hold a B.A. in Art from University of Central Florida 1976 – my greatest achievement thus far.

As a functioning “Mental Case” since the mid-70’s, poetry is, and has been, therapeutic, bringing order to an otherwise chaotic State of Mind. I hold a firm belief in God without necessity of organized religion – while respectful of formal practices of Faith. However, my roots are in Catholicism but that’s not my limits. I’m neither preacher nor penitent.

I feel the Individual must use available tools to become “creator” under god’s guidance, each in his chosen field of expertise. And hold to a rational fear that “devils” manifest as human carried to an extreme, while also professing as truth that there’s something a little ‘devilish’ in each of us, necessitous in combatant times, after all.

.  .  .  .  .

Within each Man
there dwells a devil

He may be its slave
or Master it –