About the Author

Miss Beane is a highly resourceful writer of heartfelt and head-smart poetry, now living out her twilight years in Central Florida.  Her contemplations run the gamut of emotional expression and free thought. Standing on a theoretical platform, Miss Beane incorporates her views on many inspirational topics into poetic concepts, speaking on philosophy, psychology, and theosophical ideologies from an amateur and yearning point of view.  Many of her poems here give expression to feelings rising from unforgotten memories of love and hate, and adaptation in this fast-paced modern world.

In her poems, Emma addresses universal issues of interest and raises questions which may appeal to her readers or are, in and of themselves, relevant to lifelong developmental concerns in ‘becoming who we are’.


A Parting Thought Before I Sleep

Forgive me, forget me, for I am not a pawn,
in your most unholy game
believing chance encounters rule, when
calamities arise before the early light of dawn