Into the sun’s sultry glare of suspense
I surrender my care,
moving obstacles cast my way
with resolve and intent, set in my ways,
and a long history of weathered experience
worn tucked safely under my belt

With binding silken threads of prior misgivings,
longingly I stitch the fabric of my future
into highly decorative fine summer apparel,
thinking, ready now – here I come,
remembering my call to action
rests in heavenly quest

* * *

Here now, twisted and contorted, I stand firmly rooted
much like a mighty tree bared of its leaves,
achieving stasis by proven means and methods

Wild and free, fiercely brazen,
steadfast on foundations of mutual trust,
I must, I must, prevail

Fair Weather, Calming Seas

Troubles not worthy of mention,
I’m feeling bits of developmental progress each day,
subtle changes charged with encouraging emotional control

Guided on the way toward pleasurable goals,
I’m reaching for acceptance under the twinkling stars,
the journey still ahead billed as a tragedy turned comedy
answering questions with more seasonable questions,
as I feel my way into the future’s enfolding arms

With a Wink & a Nod

Forgotten ways of long days spent wandering
confused, amused & willingly playful,
with me pledging to give insanity a run for its money
meeting the challenge two steps ahead of the game,
employing gainful measures of timing & endurance,
trained in meaningful pauses for silent thought

Applying skills of conscience & restraint,
devotion & discipline guide us throughout our travels
synchronizing timetables with problematic goals,
revealing meanings once hidden behind curtains of doubt

Tunneling through mountainous remains of days gone by,
revitalizing roots of grand designs for tomorrow
infusing life with renewed purpose & reason
and a longing for loves’ guiding embrace


Cruel, cruel gravity has got me in its grasp
I respond in kind interlaced with levity

Rising amid unclear thoughts compromise may flourish
nourishing an otherwise non-sequential plot

Viewed from The Big Chair into the Great Beyond
history unlocks the door to discovery
knocking down barriers inhibiting progress

From believable characterization the story develops
with men chosen to lead from all walks of life

Themes in accord with dreams of the future
grow in abundance in fertile minds
among the wildflowers in nature’s garden

final evidence…

… a much-needed absence is just what the doctor ordered.
Fighting for my sanity – last included works for a collection:

The Blahs

… domineering nature …
… overbearing personality …
… troublesome interference …
… crippling sense of unbalanced intent …
… declarations of bravado …
… combative debate …
… too late facing fate …
… maliciously intolerant …
… vacuously argumentative …

… abusively misbehaving …
… unfairly hog-tied yet insanely apologetic …
… we remain glued in reality …
… resisting the chains of watered-down neutrality …


Castration by Consent

Grapes of wrathful dissent
ripe with power to digest
feed my hungry heart
willfully beyond doubt
that you placed a lousy bet
– I’ve got you by the balls & I’m sharpening the blade –