Waitin’ On You

Exuberantly happy
I think therefore
that all will come to pass

Face values disguised
lead us nowhere
Necessary evil
Wicked ways
Rage On
elixir of life

Our footprints shone
in the white sandy beaches
I’ve been twenty-four
long years on the road
Comes the meadow


This Gray Morning

This gray morning
suits my mood well
Lost in another day of indecision
And I can’t really call it indecision
Loss of direction?
Loss of situation?
I’m still here
It’s just another day
of many more
And they will get better
Life will come
Love will come
Love will grow
As also
Meaning grows


Soulfully resigned to this existence –
the covert aggressor


Gone Home

Gone again,
into my mind –
The only escape
from this world of rampant insanity.

Sublimate, but don’t eliminate…
The voyagers…
the front men…
Peace of ease
we are Whole

I want to know you.
Know me.
I want to know that you know me.
I need to know you.
I need to know me.

As the differences meld to a unity,
I want you to know
We will always love


Living, Loving

Energy flows
igniting fires
moving mountains
curtains drawn
blinds removed
seas revealed

Lives entwine



I sit in my lair
and drink
and think
what’s to become of me
Will I ever see
the realization of my dreams –
Or my nightmares?

I’m nuts about the world
Do you get my drift –
There’s a rift in the flow
I can never smooth.
I grow –
Do I only grow old?

The wisdom of it all
escapes me
The patterns develop
then dissipate
Leaving me confused and cold 

I’m no closer to the end
I see in my heart.
I’m just at the start –
each morning
each night
The days are backward
The nights are long
I walk in confusion
I lust for my solitude
I long to reach out
I dream of all the days to come
in my peace with you
It’s serenity I seek
of which I ever speak



I’m a little bit on the crazy side,
but it gives me hope.  Having you on
my side reinforces my sense of strength
in my convictions.

It was okay for a wile… it was okay for the while
–  once upon a time


Two will Survive

 I don’t ask you to forgive –

just forget.

But I remember my lessons


Too many lives depend on it


According To Plan

It was all meant to be,
including the tortures…
The sleepless nights
The visions
The hallucinations
The arguments

The Peace


Worlds Collide

I dream my dreams
every day
and in every way
Life is all it seams




And the gods have not to cry
… for the sun is on the rise …