BOOK TWO – THE ESSENTIAL BEING [intro thru pg 10]

Dedication to The One…

We are reinvented, stronger

Maybe we’re all brothers…
But we must be individually important…
Each to his own

I’m happy, but I want so much more… …
I am the mother and the Maiden





Poems 1992-2010
Pencil Drawings 1982


**   EMMA BEANE   **


 Cover Art:  Essence Of The Fountain, Color Ink Drawing




 Copyright 2012 Emma Beane
All Rights Reserved




It’s been 28 years now since my breakthrough…

I believe in a God, and I believe we are him. It’s the One Mind. Every significant man must be thinking this. God has got to be on the move. I’ll stay on the prowl, in all its ways…

Here, we’ll just skirt the worst part of my life in an abusive relatioonship.  My life was patterned out with surgical precision.

And then there was Bob – we were good friends in college, 16 years past and now it’s been 16 more.  He had been the only one to visit me in the psychiatric ward in 1976.  He called me every day, at least three times a day. We saw each other at all times possible, and even still. These are happy days.  My life is very different, still unconventional, but sedate.  He has shown me perfect love.  Bob is another struggling artist, poet, writer.  Find someone who brings you peace.

My mind is moved in more positive channels.




Love is not all-consuming,
but all encompassing.
Love is not jealous or possessive,
but love does not betray.
Love is not sex,
sex is an expression of love.
Love does not take,
it may accept.
Love does not hate,
it may despair.
Love denies power to evil,
in recognition of ignorance.
Love may create tears,
but never anger.
Love is positive,
it sees only future,
building from past.


The moon is silent tonight,
the stars speak My name         … Aslan



My birthday wish for you is that you always have
people to laugh with and be close to,
things to dream about and work hard for,
places you can go to rest and reflect
on all that is good in the world
and especially in you…
and may you always know
how much you are thought of and loved.


April 22, 1998


To the Student


I am Rodin
I am the Thinker
I am all the
great Men of our time
I am Rodin

(I will be your student…)

The devil tried
to take our Souls
but they belong to god

We now reside
In gods’ heaven –
We will be You on Earth



I am the Spirit of Vincent
I shed his light
I shall sing his Song

There is Heaven
and hell after death
I sing my Song
I am despair in Love
I guide you in your search
I’ll lead to true love

There is Heaven in Life
I spread my Wing


All in a Day’s Work

It was just the day before yesterday when I recall everything I have tried to forget. But it’s not your fault and it damn sure isn’t mine. It’s this stinkin’ lucid state of mind, too well-ventilated. Well, I’m through tryin’ to pretend. It does matter to me! What doesn’t matter is the rights of others.

leaving nothing but the shell

When you come my way I have no choice but to look the other way. I have no desire remaining for you. I have no curiosity. You are but a pinpoint in my history… I know I can no longer pursue a nightmare – but what is the dream?



Mother Earth

God is a man
The devil is a woman, chastised

I can’t write any sentence
that will melt in your mouth.
I need someone to share
my concern.

Leave them to their
carnival of delight


Glorious Earth

She shall Be

The gods shall laugh,
not the hyenas’ song
A gracious Laugh –
no longer at our expense
The Laugh of love,

Peace in Wisdom
Aslan speaks –

“Let them envy”


There are two forces –
Use them to your advantage


I have developed an awareness of pitfalls
and can hopefully redirect…


Treasure Me Always

You wear on me
No comprehension of my attitude
no reason to be –
no entry into my solitude

My dreams may never come true –
what distress!
I never dared to travel
beyond my expectations –
but there is still
the dream

I speak when spoken to
I answer my own questions
I regret

It’s a game, and
I just must win –