A Romantic Plea

Looking down
at the ground –

I repeat my plea:
Never let me down
Turn my world around

Baby don’t you see
You mean so much to me


Out of Hell

When the night is gone
bring fortune to rest
that I may find peace
and time for my quest
When the dawn is gone
We’ll answer to no one…


The Tree of Life

Knowledge in action
Truth in despair
There is life in the tree
and life in the flower
Home is on Earth

To rest with You.
Bear our burdens
and we come in to you.
enliven your Spirit.
Good men all
saints of Fortune
death be not
We can live
as You would have us live
God be with Us,
and with our Children

No longer the agnostic…


Live to the full as long as you’re alive…

Choose your situations,
and leave nothing to chance


Masterminds are but fragments of The One


The Banishing

We are the creators
We must make our world,
Our vision

you must be gone

and ye shall see –
He can guide you
through Heaven –

IT is gone –
through the Looking Glass
it shall have no peace in my mind



she’s heavy
she carries my weight
We shall bring
My heaven to Earth

You shall see
Come up on My Mountain
speak my name – Aslan…
Heaven’s stars shine
to light the way –
you will protect me

When I was young,
there were always locked doors
to unlock

I shed a tear
You said, “There will be no cause.”
You said, “Lighten your heart.”
You said, “Look up.”
You said, “Sit with me.”
I say, “I will.”

Look out for me
and you shall see
I am a benevolent God



The moonlight on my way
The magic in my heart
The song on my tongue
The vision in my dream
The Spirit of my Song
The Streets of my Dreams
The Anger in my Womb

I shed many tears
to find you in moonlight –

I awaited your coming and
Now you are here –