I Shall Reaffirm

I shall not die

I live
to Die the World
another color

Elected Generation
whose souls I debate
The battle of words
for our Minds’ rest
shall beleaguer the enemy
Surrounded by
an Army of angels

[inspired by ‘live and let die’ – Paul McCartney’]


Confusion of the Loom

There is life
in inanimate things.
listen, softly they speak,
singing their song.
enchantments ring out,
only a chime –
Ring true

Confusion of the loom,
it works its spell,
casting delight
with its stitches,
fabricating songs,
glorious riches –
The Fabric of Life


The Fabric of Life

Be not afraid –

I’ll stand the fore
and divert affront

We are on our own
But never to be alone
… again

Lust in this indiscretion –
Leave here nevermore
Come to me –
to Atlantis


I’m Knowledge

I am direction forthcoming
I am concurrent Time
I eat
from the
Tree of Knowledge
of good and evil

These you must recognize –
disdain the wickedness,
the indecency,
the false conviction

We are intellectual in love,
heartless it may seem,
But our hearts go out to many
Our love goes out to One

I beat the devil,
and he is God’s.
I am the laughing God –
I sing my song

Satan – my first victim
I will now move as you prey.
There shall be more –
satan was the first to laugh.
But I shall be the last –
laugh well, My children


On the Move

I shall not beg,
nor bend,
nor bow again

Mission –
Means –

played upon


I never have to be a widow…


Don’t waste your time on petty enterprise


I’m a dormant artist, waiting to Re-spring