Rethinking the Deities

Poseidon – fire
Zeus – intellect

Poseidon –
the lightning bolt
is  your tool
It’s sound, your Wrath
My command, your call

The Ocean is your Land
The seas swell
with your Wisdom

Jupiter is the omniscient,
omnipotent God

Re-write it any way we can …



The moonlight by day
You’ll sleep when you
need to
Rest in my arms,

Until time is in focus
We stumble through twilight

I sank farther and farther
into the depths of the day


No Reply

I got some sun today
I called your name
No reply
I wrote you a song today
Please reply
I need your hand on mine
I pray today’s the day
you’ll take mine in yours
I lift my spirits
thinking of you

Take all into account
Let our eyes meet
Allay all fears
of the forgotten years


In the Shadow of the Wind

We walk in peace
Like the night –
I’ll guide your step

I watch over your sleep
Peace in mind

I’m at your bedside
No complaint
Never wander unarmed
I hold your clever mind –


A Prognostication

Ain’t nobody gonna give you hell
but you an’ me –

It is impossible to love one
who does not love back –

We must be one person –
with facets

If we can see a better world,
doesn’t it exist? At least in time –

a cat and mouse game.

me maintain stable


Design of the Intellect

Whatever the sins of our past,
I want you…

You’re rendering my heart useless

My mind is cluttered with all
the tears of my thousands of fears.
And they sit in judgment of me
as I caress the flame of my torture.
I scorn myself each day,
and youth has left.
my passions to awake



This toil is worth my soul
in waterweight

I am the light in your heart
When you’re alive you’re alive
– this time around

The Eighth day of God
is upon us



Forlorn waves of emotion
control my inner fears

Fluttering in my heart
are the wings of a Dove –
True Love

These four walls
come between us

Why don’t you spend
your life with me
I wonder what we’re doing
Do tell me please

You know the night has
been so long.
My Black heart cuts the dice
I am the rock and the tree