somewhat disturbing [albeit curious] developments

All of my medical screening results have been coming back normal… Then how does one explain my so obvious aberrations and ailments…?

Now here’s the scary part – a recent happenstance… With my old tranquilizer [I’ve been using since 1982] I didn’t dream except for an occasional [rare] nightmare, which I could block from my memory [except for the very worst]… For several nights now I’ve had dreams peopled with characters from WordPress!?!?!

Go figure… and here I can say, “I’ll be seeing you in my dreams” 😉

600 Followers Strong

My tranquilizer appears to be on its way out [can’t be ordered at this time] so I’ve got to choose another best-suited to me and my physiology. I’ll try to keep ya’ll posted on my comings & going – without driving you to boredom.

Right now I wish to offer a heartfelt handshake and Thank You to those of you who have chosen to read and follow my incessant ramblings. I’m a quiet person by nature – transferring language to print – so don’t be surprised if ever we meet and I’m short on talk… Good Cheer & Best Wishes to All!