Career Path

I earned a living from behind a desk
with typewriters & computers & telephones
as tools with which to play each day

Responsibilities changed over the years,
moving from office to office for better pay
for duties more to my liking
to enjoy the company of familiar friends & faces
presenting new opportunities for growth
in a fresh & fertile environment

Tut-Tut, Looks Like Rain

Massive confusion
blind to illusion
my conscience is bared
the evidence unclear
as the end is drawing near

Have made my contribution to the Arts
planting seeds of belief & despair
colored in by a blend of fact & fiction

Bound at the wrists
thoughts with a twist of myth
and an essence of believability
fed by the wrath of the unholy
causing the brain to malfunction
under the pressure of growth
conspicuously misty-eyed
as the cuckoo bird chimes the late hour

Inside Laugh-Track

Words unravel… thoughts in play
committed to the empty page,
filling in the blanks
of yesterdays gone by

Moments of hesitation
relishing the best of times,
guilty pleasures predominant
among my escapades

Overly antagonistic met with the sadistic
filling in the hole he dug for me,
planting roots in greener pastures
among the blooming daffodils


Little Girl Lost

Release me from this frame of mind
carved of virgin wood
fed by worry and anticipation
selling all my secrets to anyone who’ll listen
for a plug-nickel and spare time

My past has come to haunt me
standing squarely in my footprints
and travelling beyond

Can’t pinpoint my greatest fear
or designate my weakest moment
anticipating agony no matter how I view it