Empty Calories

I been spoon-fed bullshit
breakfast, lunch & dinner
Warmed-over sentimentalities
Loosely-woven outer-garments
coats of gloss to soften disbelief
Cheap frills adorning falsities
Thinly-disguised ambiguities
Petty defiance of the obvious
Tests of little significance
challenges identified as silly obstacles
tossed into the mix & served-up by
the spokesman of ignorance

Until the Well Runs Dry [expanded]

… gonna milk experience for all the Poetry it’s got …
… never a dull moment since I turned eighteen …
… disgusted – elated – challenged …
… I done my best reaching for success …
… had a lot of fun – was dealt a lot of pain …
… sought for gain – suffered loss …
… kept my back to the wall – no knife from behind …
… sought favor among the gods …
… fell from my vantage point beyond the limits of earthly bounds …

Too Long in Pursuit

In hindsight’s light, reviewing my moral dilemma
sadly, badly behavin’
with my rival, center stage
beyond arm’s reach, flooded with history
not of this world, mistaken, misled
Valued in neither time nor place
flaunting lack of knowledge, denying circumstance
failing the memory-test
leaving me cautiously voiceless
with dismissal of foregone conclusions
impacting impossibility’s delight