Crossing the Mental Divide

There’s nothing I need that I don’t already want
… for starters …
Sophistication of thought transference
Satisfaction of outstanding debts
A reality that doesn’t suck so much
served on a brightly polished silver platter
… and then I want …
Happiness that never fades when feeling oppressed
Money that comes delivered in the mail
Greetings that welcome me unending
Freedom from challenges that take a lot of effort
Leisurely moments in quiet reflection
Powers to move the proven immovable
A psychology easier to unscramble & treat
The eventual end of my unnatural existence
… and yet …
After due thought
I’d probably settle for business that takes care of itself
instead of being a bother for me

… and don’t forget me this Christmas …
… any gift will do cuz I heard it’s the thought that counts …

The Hardly Boys, Sleuths Extraordinaire

“I was conned, but by whom?” thought Ms. Fiona Harvey.
Needing answers, she called in The Hardly Boys
to take charge of the investigation.
Youthful but thorough, Fiona put her full confidence
in Hardly Boys Crime Fighters, private eyes of worldly renown.

Although barely out of puberty and not yet 21,
The Hardlys were tops in their field, resourceful and discreet.
They graduated with honors ahead of their class,
no babes-in-the-wood despite their young age.

Solving TV crime had been their favorite game to play,
kids passing time studying techniques of the greats,
simultaneously reading stories developed
by famous writers of mystery and masters of suspense.

Early on, The Boys were inspired to dream of their own fame
as sleuths of importance, making it their primary aim,
incorporating fiction and fact into the rules of best evidence.

Waiting for a Shot at the ‘a-OK’ Corral

The plot takes a sticky turn of events
by nature sickly & wounding in content
condensed into fragmented thoughts of betrayal
and, viewed from all angles, a disturbing image, indeed

Even to the casual observer, a hint of optimism appears
in the bottom left corner of the painted canvas –
a glimmer of hope on the horizon

The Processes of Elimination

Call the law – I’ve got a cause – set a hearing date
‘Brain’ shorted out by faulty wiring – I speak in my own defense
The facts are self-evident – conclusions incontrovertible
I stand falsely accused – reading the writing on the wall
I counter with my own set of mounting accusations
Took a stab at playing ‘nice guy’ out of sheer necessity
Met with more denial I released my ‘inner beast’
Made my closing arguments – situation now abundantly clear
excluding the middle man from further deliberations
– I rely on past experience in circumventing rules –
indifferent to following the chain of command