Sweet or Tart

Beyond reach & reason & above reproach,
I put worry to the tests of experience
where clarity is both friend & foe
and memory challenges the present
to a battle of wit & wisdom,
where neither can emerge as victor,
evenly matched with poison pens
as weapon of choice where domination doesn’t matter
if seen in proper perspective,
for we must surely have learned by now
the advantage comes from how you play the game
faithful to our mission as masters of our fate

Let There Be Light in the Kingdom

Bearing in mind life’s intricacies,
convoluted ins & outs of essential necessities,
imposing methods of adaptation
on topics of deep concern
to self & subject relevant to goals & aspirations,
making sweet music concluding on a high note
to entertain & persuade ‘All’ with eyes & ears to see
while I feed my needy mind to sustain nobility of thought
augmenting spiritual foreplay

… it’s time – it’s time …
to sing along in tune

[Launching point of inspiration: my closet light burned out!]