Oh, that pesky ‘contemptible other’…

If not feeling you in the present,
could I squander my last dollar on frivolities
meeting your eyes out window-shopping for success

I been baffled before meeting much-such animosity,
unabashedly uncaring, undisguised
cautionary temperament

Remembering friends who’ve fallen behind
… let this be their wake-up call …
for Eternity has all the time in the world
to wait


Manipulate those things you may
and give it your best effort to sublimate the rest
When your mind plays its tricks that make no sense
try making a joke of it & laughing it off
[sadistic, at best?]
when all you feel is like crying
and there’s no other evident solution
Trust me, you’ll view things more clearly
through laughter than tears
to become your best kind of friend

A Philosophical Jolt

She destroyed the notes he wrote, responding only
“be what you’ve sadly become,
with someone else man-handled by the throat”
for, true to form within the context of time,
allow me to reiterate my position:

I’m rich in demeanor of willful intent
running from a life in servitude to doubt
riding out the blame of discontent,
finding merriment much more to my liking
on this fact-finding mission toward progress,
twice-removed from the shadow of doubt
and existing well beyond the sounds of silence
with all the bells & whistles of paradise
resounding in my ready ear