Give & Receive Pleasure

50% me & 50% you complete a circle of trust,
loyal companions assured of mutual support,
sharing good cheer & an urge to splurge
on carefully chosen words

Egotistically feigning ignorance & indifference,
a stickler for details, professing innocence
and tightening knots to stop the unraveling of fabric
carefully chosen & woven for a snug fit

Left my heart, not in San Francisco as the song goes,
but a different town altogether,
temporarily lost at sea
’til you & I realigned & declared undying love
treasuring our first kiss

Refresh & Relate

Replenished by sleep
in a dreamless state
no demons to fear
– no screwy plots to debate –

No heathen aberration
in this rather lengthy soliloquy
deeply disturbed individuation
– a process without end –

In mime’s disguise
blending into the milling crowd
reading & writing in solitude
not but a word spoken between us
no contempt meant
– just distance –


Placid waters flow from mind to mind electrified
stimulating dormant tissues very much alive –

Arrivals & departures promise of eternal bliss
leaving a dying man feeling as if he’s never truly been kissed
in answer to the marksman’s aim to cleverly digest
like Cupid’s wish to relieve the beast of ageing signs of stress –

Sometimes try to re-imagine life outside the fold
of those who trust that yet ahead we’ll storm the shores of Shangri-La