Respect of Mind

The temptations of insanity
– loose screws & rusty nails –
desirable means for fulfilling needs,
sheltered from the storm
of wishful thinking

Welcome to the places
accessible thru a heart so true
– inside these bonds between Us –
sculpted by gifted minds
as benefactors of the Arts

Whatever your specialty
– those things which you do best –
your worth cannot be overstated,
in this complex & sophisticated realm
where just about anything has happened

Life’s Been Kind to Me So Far

Honey, don’t leave me lonely too long
‘cause really, I feel the pangs of separation,
waiting for your call, anticipating your voice
bringing us closer, one to the other

You’re such good company when not overwhelmed
by service & business responsibilities
that you carry on your plate,
many of which are on my account I’m well-aware
but I couldn’t face the perils of my life without you in it,
and I do respect your need for my silence sometimes

So be a Dear & share a little of your good company with me