Give a Little – Gain a Lot

For years ahead of my time
I labored in an emotionally-charged office atmosphere,
choosing my battles, sometimes victorious & sometimes not

I learned tools I carried from place to place to place,
fighting to fit in or moving on to greener pastures
when necessity called me by name leading to somewhere better

Never selling my soul to the highest bidder
I clung to my self-respect & respect for worthy authority,
building friendships from among those most conscientious
and devoted to excellence in fulfilling their duties

I learned skills which carry over into the real world
and a lot of foolish nonsense which doesn’t apply

Troubles follow me, coming from behind when least expected, and
often curiously unusual, but you can’t count a good man down for long

And laughter is a most encouraging action, a tool you never want to lose
– guard it with all you’ve got –
consider it as one of your most priceless possessions

Hold Me Close, My Darling

I’ve yet to clear my mind of debris
to open space for truths or consequences
The walls are closing in,
my co-conspirators of old are dying
Questions yield no answers,
so many problems go unresolved
My stamina is weakening,
my sense of direction is deceiving me
Full-up with indecisiveness,
I’ve come to another unexpected junction
unprepared for what must come as second-best

Conversational Bias

I’m up to my old tricks again
throwing my voice, carried on the wind
across oceans & continents to uncaring ears
compounding my fears of retaliation

There’s a message in this madness
defying translation, haunting me
and I can’t break the code to set me free
as brave concern keeps me guessing still

You made me your bitching adversary
taking chances I ought not
to satisfy my longstanding longing for closure
begging for answers only you’ve got