At Home Where You Are

Shameless, in the guise of a child,
I’ve survived the most trying of times
out of touch and seemingly tongue-tied
reaching the boiling point of red blood

You hold the key to my stability, Dearest
and stoke the fire you lit in my heart
In this life, your patience is my staple device

And you came to me without hesitation
when my head was overrun with doubt,
thinking my life was as worthless as one plug nickel

Compelled to Write

I’ve structured my chambers
to utilize each space to best advantage,
got stuff in every nook & cranny
It takes lots of planning & due diligence
to keep things in functional order
without straining your neck or bankbook


Demoting past lovers to the rank of lower-class seaman,
you’re a gleaming jewel to my discerning eyes, my Dear,
deep in my thoughts, no matter the distance between us

Given Freely

I’ve been sentenced to love you
and I’m happy to oblige
It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy
and it didn’t cost me one damn dime

I’ve got no religion
conversing directly with the gods
while running from the devil
in his singular disguise

Before you held me
I was scraping the bottom of the barrel
within terrible restraints
and running out of time
Funny how things go
when you can’t sink any lower