Alphabetically Spoken For

I hold the A-B-C’’s of love firmly in my grip
… and in my heart of hearts …
You, Dear, were the kindest man I’d ever known
… and accepted the real me readily …
I asked you for your hand in friendship
… and you gave me that & so much more …
Mathematically, we’re a balanced equation
… geometrically attached at all the right angles …

My Life Spent With You, Darling

Rattled by a fear of the once known –
to be alone in the unknown depths of a troubled mind
You taught me how much I’d been needing your love,
to clear out the misery behind a brave front
while behind the scenes surely unraveling

Tattered & torn & suffering from wear,
you brought back my smile from the lost & found
turning what seemed like an eternity downhearted
into a place of security & balance,
a dove surely sent from Heaven above

Declassified Materials

Well-guarded secrets rise to the surface
laid out in a colorful array of misgivings
concluding a lifetime chasing a ghost,
questioning my quest for substantiation
based on one night of supernatural bliss,
championing the issues of a life born into doubt
responsible for my confusion despite obvious facts
sustaining the abnormal surrounds of illusion
chasing the great elusive butterfly of love