Sunny Side

Into the sun’s sultry glare of suspense
I surrendered my care
movable obstacles as tossaways
and a long history of weathered heritage
worn, and tucked safely, ‘neath our thorny crowns

With binding silken threads of prior misgivings
we stitch the fabric of futures
into highly decorated fine summer apparel
thinking – ready now – here it comes
– and you’ll soon remember –
this call for action rests in Heavenly Quest

. . .

“They’re stealing our Credo to discredit the Power of Love”
[ebeane – March 17, 2019]

Just as they poisoned His name – Dave Mason – in my many years struggling for my sanity…

We The People

Cruel, cruel gravity has caught me in its grasp
I respond in kind, glazed with levity

Rising amid unclear thoughts, compromise may flourish
Nourishing an otherwise non-sequential plot

Viewed from The Big Chair into the gray area yonder
History unlocks the door to discovery
Knocking down barriers inhibitive to progressive thought

From believable characterization the story takes shape
Peopled with Men born to lead, coming from all walks of life

Themes in accord with dreams of the future
Grow in abundance, fed by fertile minds
Rising from among wildflowers found in nurtured gardens

Inspired, Or Challenged – Trusted, Or Busted

Who all among us
stand up, and declare to be one, multi-faceted self,
with or without worth
men made of conscience, integrity, and clout

Willing, and of capable mind
of a heart-smart kind,
safety evidenced as yet uninspected

In faith & trust, abide with the Divine Triad,
a lull among the co-conspirators,
and the jungle air thick with silence, on alert

Calls cease with disbelief
coming in strong, of unnatural cause,
emboldened themes, reality or dream
Christ, Almighty, Lord, Ah-men

Brave Souls

Dumb as a doornail,
I can’t speak out –
But what’s this all about,
my pencil is not silenced
by the sounds of a waterfall
or the beating of a drum
or noise of a raging forest fire –

Trees still standing
at the mercy of the blaze
yet to be contained –
a superfluous refrain beckons,
to challenge the flame
in the brains
of Earth’s great minds –


[from “HIGH FIVE” © 2013 Emma Beane]


she’s heavy
she carries my weight
We shall bring
My heaven to Earth

You shall see
Come up on My Mountain
speak my name – Aslan…
Heaven’s stars shine
to light the way –
you will protect me

When I was young,
there were always locked doors
to unlock

I shed a tear
You said, “There will be no cause.”
You said, “Lighten your heart.”
You said, “Look up.”
You said, “Sit with me.”
I say, “I will.”

Look out for me
and you shall see
I am a benevolent God


“THE ESSENTIAL BEING: A Book of The Art” – my 2nd collection

An Apology Enhanced By the Absurd

Coming on too strong, met with rage
to the choral sounds of rolling thunder
– then hearing Papa, still angered –
“can’t you two still play, haughty or nice…
but as quiet as mice – sharing a piece of cheese”
spoken as His best, well-meaning advice
– enhanced by chance of pain & the less absurd –
“or I’ll tear down the houses you’ve built”