Growth & Decay

I have no one clear objective
to be found in the supernatural
You can see it in the headlines
‘No New News Today’

First impressions can last a lifetime
with energies all their own
sometimes so influential
they change the course of one’s life

In Catholic school I was teacher’s pet
attentive to my studies
but by 9th grade I chose to go public
and nurture personality further

Schoolwork was no longer a priority
but my grades got me into college
where I broadened my horizons
and explored the facts of life

I adhere to the rules of fair play
subtle in my own  way
neither pretentious nor over-elated
as a seeker of higher aims

If Truth Be Told

Running with the pack, on the hunt
for deliverance from a checker-board past
tracking misguided opposing factions,
outmaneuvering predators on our trail:

Average, everyday, emotionally-devoid,
bargain-basement hypocrites,
flaunting their authority in fools’ court
concerned with achieving their own satisfaction,
weaving a fable of justice