I assign value to my time,
devoting what best I can to reading & writing,
then, greedily disburse it to attend to practical needs
[business & the like]
holding some back in reserve
just for me & my guilty pleasures
[too much retro-TV & fantastic imaginings]

I’m a pro at spending time on fruitful endeavors
[again, in business & the like]
achievements taking place over hours, months or years,
And killing time is my forte, buried in my work


He exacerbates my weakness, does my evil twin…
Takes the shudder from my thunder, the better man within…

Readymade for confrontation, seeing from all sides…
Let the lesser simply slide, aiming to prioritize…

Leave the crumbs for Mother Nature, hers to digest…
And always, always – keeping hope alive – strive to do what’s seen as best…

Finding My Voice

Well-acquainted with the supernatural
… hit or miss or compromise …
eyes fixed on an ever-present pseudo-realism

Largely entertained by superhuman feats
of mystically proven fact
… essential nourishment for the hungry soul …

Left hoarse, trying to explain,
useful words not committed to the English language,
what I’m meaning to say is “think back”
… converting experience to sound advice …