Take Me at My Word

I have my moments…
bad, or worse, as they may be
choosing the best
among possibilities
scrambled, served cold
in heated exchanges
debating desired results
in confrontational stance
diseased reality underfoot:
Inflated ego slowly dying

I find balance & pretense
key words in my vocabulary
making perfect sense
of experience
flying overhead:
My avenging angel
larger than life itself


Problematic Quests

Let’s talk of miracles as broadly defined
Some may pooh-pooh the very thought
But I have an idea they’re more common than not
Some say they’re daily occurrences from dawn to dusk
Often enough they’ve saved my sorry butt
from drowning in tears or burning in Hell’s fire
And I’ve been in tight jams even my best tricks couldn’t fix
without divine guidance in the mix to assist

The Thrill of It All

Give me something to whine about
– wind me up & watch me go –
circling the problem from each & every angle
pointing out flaws in the opposing pool of thought
disembodying spokesmen from their fallacious arguments
in my unending barrage of zealous intent
to reach beyond the limits previously set
as I experiment with methods & means at my disposal
for the pure pleasure & excitement it brings me
adding color to an otherwise blasé day