Those Strong of Heart

Words by which you’ll know me
fall out, in a poetic assortment of lines,
strong points & shortcomings – ups & downs,
set upon a mission, hoping to find
proponents of Heaven on earth,
true believers amongst banal souls
& the humdrum of everyday activity
open to natural selection,
basking in starlight
& bearing the weight of the World,
if even in the simplest of ways

Trial & Error Repartee

Memory laden maidens
artful in their reminiscences,
as relayed to a captive audience,
while groveling for self-respect
in a forgiving state of mind

Treasured moments outnumber the tragic,
enough to bolster my belief
in magic & supernatural phenomena in play
within our master-control domain
in consort with the elements of change


With a crippling sense of doubt
I stand back & look deep
inhibited by manifest summations
that only reveal half the facts

Under circumstances so complex,
I find mere words inadequate for explanations,
with suspense part of the Master plan
topping my list of imaginings

Our Benefactor shall be as the governing body
soul connected to soul
producing one extraordinary whole
aboveboard & chaste in behaviors

I’ve taken on Life one bruise at a time
healing by reasoning it through,
dropping prefixes of necessity,
backed up by a laugh-track for clarity

The Hi-Five Letters

I don’t claim to never err
but I readily fix my own mistakes
to plug holes where pitfalls linger
until both surprised & delighted
by the turn of events & I become
cautiously content


Scarred by carvings etched upon my heart
never realizing the best way to start
standoffish though not aloof
riddling but never confusing
right now where I ought to be
willing tomorrow brings more of the same


Separate lives can meet & unitize
born believers of the Facts of Life
and I feel like I’m gaining respect
… the best part yet to come my way …