Stood atop a heap of hybrid dung
declaring victory mine alone
with a parable & a chord to strum

A lucky streak – unbroken thread
following as a rule of thumb
with thoughts as cloudy as an evening sky
drifting on a summer’s breeze
thoroughly confused as I can be
snugly sandwiched between life & death

A sense of mystery on the decline
questioning the Fates:
Whose child am I?

Alphabetically Spoken For

I hold the A-B-C’’s of love firmly in my grip
… and in my heart of hearts …
You, Dear, were the kindest man I’d ever known
… and accepted the real me readily …
I asked you for your hand in friendship
… and you gave me that & so much more …
Mathematically, we’re a balanced equation
… geometrically attached at all the right angles …

Cut Loose from the Hangman’s Noose

Mesmerized & stupefied
all in one lone lovely breath,
hanging on one solitary thread
dangling beads of remembrance

In dire states beyond distrust
in a world sprung from a foundation of hate
a body of indigestible evidence
suggesting there’s been foul play

One tiny speck of cosmic dust
shaking a fist at the big galoot
messing with my merry mind,
a cut-out character from an earlier time,
cross-checking my facts
to be free at long last

How It Goes Hence

Well-meaning silence of a Summer afternoon
Morning storms have blown away
Nothing but puddles remain, purging stories of pain
Luring nightfall astray, over rugged terrain
Mind flustered, in decay, colored a mellow gray
Rallying my senses into play
A public nuisance, in full display
Begging reality here to stay
Just a number of days ‘til I boldly display?
‘I’m feeling quite okay’
Engraved in name only, too soon yet to eat crow in pretense