Overheard from Inside the Huddle

Idiot ingenuity steers me into focus,
gets me out of trouble when I’m in a pinch,
and logic does not apply with any consistency

Odious measures compound the issues,
confusing, meddlesome & lacking finesse,
looking for clues that just are not there

Choosing when to fight for all the wrong reasons,
a mess gets messier with your hand in the till
looking for chump-change

Been Conversing with the Devil, you say?

Our future relies on what we do & say today,
what we keep & what we give away,
playing harmless head games amongst ourselves
passing time in a most peculiar way

And it’s an easy leap to reach the next level,
peeling back layer upon layer of complaints,
revealing the inner core of our existence
in a unified individuality of a spotless plot

Pointless acts of aggression divide the many,
motivated to equate folly with an excess of loss,
planting seeds of malcontent with the status quo
waiting for the chance to reacquaint oneself with The Fates

Escaping the mundane is not a viable option, no matter its due,
some days are tedious, like it or not, so stand ready to pause,
for progress comes slow or fast, constructed to last
and we are sequentially challenged to act our part

Ideally we’ll rally for a common cause,
each unit acting as component parts of a mature whole,
stretching the truth to fit the sculptor’s mold of society
with all the significance of a warm day in Hell
[composed in the waiting room for the Psychiatrist & a new script]


I assign value to my time,
devoting what best I can to reading & writing,
then, greedily disburse it to attend to practical needs
[business & the like]
holding some back in reserve
just for me & my guilty pleasures
[too much retro-TV & fantastic imaginings]

I’m a pro at spending time on fruitful endeavors
[again, in business & the like]
achievements taking place over hours, months or years,
And killing time is my forte, buried in my work

Career Path

I earned a living from behind a desk
with typewriters & computers & telephones
as tools with which to play each day

Responsibilities changed over the years,
moving from office to office for better pay
for duties more to my liking
to enjoy the company of familiar friends & faces
presenting new opportunities for growth
in a fresh & fertile environment

Perplexed & Flexing One’s Muscle

Loathing or Loving,
which is it to be?
Mud or sand beneath your feet,
your choice?

Salvation or damnation,
manifestations of how you live in this life!

Going with the flow, or battling with strife
on uncertain terms with your god,
confident or immature in one’s actions,
overly excitable either way!