Angular Dimensions

Upstaged, disturbed by doubt
Riddles with no solutions
I come up from behind & tap your shoulder
dismissed as a lunatic
wary, by nature
caution, my good friend
firm control, a blessing by necessity

There’s a place & a time for every little thing
and never a time better than this
for thinking out loud, a time for pride
silence once more, self-evident fact
Time-differential to be reconsidered
leading away from pretentious acts
modified for maximum effect

Better Yet

Secure the latch on the door
I’ll not be going out again today
Light my way down the dark corridors
of yesterday & tomorrow
to avoid repeating the same old mistakes
reliving the best & worst of times
weeding out sentimental expressions
that have no place at the table
of lesser gods & guests
joining this complement of friends
duty-bound to implement change
at its best
in a world of our own making
by sweet surrender
to the myriad ways of God
commanding our fullest attention
senses reeling with the power of truest love

Flesh & Bone

Come hell or high water
I’m obedient to the coming of age
feeling life slip away
strength becoming less certain
determination in question

Backhanded attack on my nerve
maybe I’ve seen all I deserve
failing to live up to my promise
the finish line beyond my reach
marking the approach of doom

You win some, you lose some
and sometimes you compromise
dying to make a difference
leaving more questions than answers
unreasonable products of a mind
trapped in mortal flesh