In Dreams I May Find Sanity

Once again I identify the germ in my unsettled brain
… distorting reality & temperament …
Oh, gullible me, ever having trusted you, disembodied hypocrite,
to interpret the shape of things I’ve seen
turning my belief into utter distrustfulness
needing to forego furtherance of foolish reverie
readied to deny you access to my world of dream
where I’ll find sanity in resistance

Schizoid Androgynous Exchange

You & your toxic logic
are bundled for disposal
at my most opportune mention
ripening to the peak of perfection
as I hone my thoughts of aggression
and fine-tune my hateful expressions
while sifting through bad memories of you
and the decades of crude & abusive behaviors
[oh, what a big man you are]
meaning to be my undoing then as now

But make no mistake, mister
now it’s you, my intended victim
[me dressed in battle fatigue]
wielding weapons of proven psychological method