Sitting on a Gold Mine

Sentimental treasures link present to the past
with overstated maneuvers I spoke in amiable jest,
given to misleading introductions met with silence
and cold looks of expectation
well beyond proprieties on first meeting,
finding hostility the unfair return to my truthful innocence,
the charge far exceeding your over-rated sense of worth,
despite my expressed intent to find favor in your eyes


Into the sun’s sultry glare of suspense
I surrender my care,
moving obstacles cast my way
with resolve and intent, set in my ways,
and a long history of weathered experience
worn tucked safely under my belt

With binding silken threads of prior misgivings,
longingly I stitch the fabric of my future
into highly decorative fine summer apparel,
thinking, ready now – here I come,
remembering my call to action
rests in heavenly quest

* * *

Here now, twisted and contorted, I stand firmly rooted
much like a mighty tree bared of its leaves,
achieving stasis by proven means and methods

Wild and free, fiercely brazen,
steadfast on foundations of mutual trust,
I must, I must, prevail

Schizoid Androgynous Exchange

You & your toxic logic
are bundled for disposal
at my most opportune mention
ripening to the peak of perfection
as I hone my thoughts of aggression
and fine-tune my hateful expressions
while sifting through bad memories of you
and the decades of crude & abusive behaviors
[oh, what a big man you are]
meaning to be my undoing then as now

But make no mistake, mister
now it’s you, my intended victim
[me dressed in battle fatigue]
wielding weapons of proven psychological method