Career Path

I earned a living from behind a desk
with typewriters & computers & telephones
as tools with which to play each day

Responsibilities changed over the years,
moving from office to office for better pay
for duties more to my liking
to enjoy the company of familiar friends & faces
presenting new opportunities for growth
in a fresh & fertile environment

Perplexed & Flexing One’s Muscle

Loathing or Loving,
which is it to be?
Mud or sand beneath your feet,
your choice?

Salvation or damnation,
manifestations of how you live in this life!

Going with the flow, or battling with strife
on uncertain terms with your god,
confident or immature in one’s actions,
overly excitable either way!

Tut-Tut, Looks Like Rain

Massive confusion
blind to illusion
my conscience is bared
the evidence unclear
as the end is drawing near

Have made my contribution to the Arts
planting seeds of belief & despair
colored in by a blend of fact & fiction

Bound at the wrists
thoughts with a twist of myth
and an essence of believability
fed by the wrath of the unholy
causing the brain to malfunction
under the pressure of growth
conspicuously misty-eyed
as the cuckoo bird chimes the late hour

Lame Excuses

Been rejected & shamed
falsely blamed
Solving puzzles & mysteries
of human decency
Been lied to
though not deceived
At first hostile
then justly avenged
False starts
broken parts

Muffled cries restore balance
temporarily lost in the daily shuffle
of everyday madness met with malice
physically challenged to believe
and carry on
wearing the shoes of yet another flake