Playin’ fer Cash

Slow down on approach to tomorrow’s troubles
eyeing intensely rear view mirrors
leaving towns undefended newly explored
life there unadorned,
mission bell ringing-up a group parlay
the best-of-the-beasts plans understood in mood
pack your bags, got this-thing on the move
none too soon, baying
“move over little dog – there’s a big dog movin’ in”

[Quote: George Thorogood & The Destroyers]

Soap to Savor – Hallowed Threads

First thought of the mornin’
‘Do nothing… yet’
for the best-bet of intent will surface,
for even money – on the desk of The Good Doctor –
Has Daemon chosen himself a new puppet?

Second-bets are in the hands of the Law…
for this is psychological warfare
and the draft-pick remains
yet to be chosen from among responsible parties…
strong-armed, with bases loaded,
and Billy’s Club up at bat
rounding out the use of protective devices

I dare you, Boy Blunder –
cross beyond my team’s defense
headed-up by “spiritual” mutterings
to God & The Good Doctors
in privacy


[we want the tapes & we want them now]

Brave Souls

Dumb as a doornail,
I can’t speak out –
But what’s this all about,
my pencil is not silenced
by the sounds of a waterfall
or the beating of a drum
or noise of a raging forest fire –

Trees still standing
at the mercy of the blaze
yet to be contained –
a superfluous refrain beckons,
to challenge the flame
in the brains
of Earth’s great minds –


[from “HIGH FIVE” © 2013 Emma Beane]