I knocked but no one had an answer
I hypothesized but no one read the formula
Like tempered glass I shattered
Like the rain I fell from cloud nine
and nourished new growth
I bet on the ponies and lost my shirt
Standing naked I bathed in solitude
I tried to bake a cake but misplaced the recipe
I only know a little but I’ve learned a lot
… tell me, where lies the truth of the universe …

Playing ‘Never-Mind’ with My Thinking

Picture-perfect scenarios dance before the eye
where time stands still & motions cease
signifying static relief from gravity’s reach

All aboard the Ship of Fools running dangerously off its course
looking for the well-intended source of creation’s soul

Now on to the subject of heart & its wily ways
for sometimes it beats with such power the mind must wander
and wonder its purpose & meaning
… as the days wear hurriedly on …