Respect of Mind

The temptations of insanity
– loose screws & rusty nails –
desirable means for fulfilling needs,
sheltered from the storm
of wishful thinking

Welcome to the places
accessible thru a heart so true
– inside these bonds between Us –
sculpted by gifted minds
as benefactors of the Arts

Whatever your specialty
– those things which you do best –
your worth cannot be overstated,
in this complex & sophisticated realm
where just about anything has happened

A Widow Instead of a Wife

On the jury, a once in a lifetime event –
after several days of deliberations
– listening & not much talking on my part,
we concluded with my saying
“It sounds like we’re all in agreement,
why don’t we take a vote?”
sentencing a gang member for murder
to life without parole
(out to collect money for electric)
taking the life of a young lover
on the night before exchanging vows
leaving a ‘widow’ to mourn
instead of wed

If Truth Be Told

Running with the pack, on the hunt
for deliverance from a checker-board past
tracking misguided opposing factions,
outmaneuvering predators on our trail:

Average, everyday, emotionally-devoid,
bargain-basement hypocrites,
flaunting their authority in fools’ court
concerned with achieving their own satisfaction,
weaving a fable of justice