Lasting Impressions/or/Give Me Music

Wresting in the vicinity of grandiose expectations
I entertain thoughts beyond obvious limitations
which impede developments along Utopian lines

Can we progress?
And with results at whose expense?
Labor-intensive experimentation at best…

I find myself at a loss for words
to expound on my gratitude
for those who took me under their wing
and made my life worth living
when I thought it not

With a Heavy Heart I Head On

I linger in the void
taking up residence where only fools go,
knowing complications can be overwhelming
for the biologically insecure,
positioned where better men have gone before,
taking note of obligatory concerns
where conventional rules no longer apply
in the struggle for survival of our species
in an evolutionarily-bred state of mind,
holding fast to revolutionary ideals
spoon-fed to the children of tomorrow,
soured with the misdirection of faulty interpretations


[[darn it! already I’m breaking my silence]]

Dreams of Improvement

The brain works on a dimmer switch,
moderated, but never turned to the off position
without benefit of restful sleep

I pluck reality out of thinning air
and place it where best it serves a purpose:
To blend with the ravings of a troubled soul
pursuing little-known benefits of controlled insanity,
that of living life with a purpose & a dream of what could be

Scare Tactics

I’ve been daughter, sister, wife & mother
as a student of life itself,
stranger than fiction as it’s been written

Toying with experience as practitioner of the arts
in the shadows of a warm fire,
saw sights sending shivers up & down my spine

Prophets speak on the daily news, true or false yet to see
but reading the headlines keeps me informed,
and I get all the details I want from conversation

I keep my cabinets well-ordered & thoughts well-oiled
in the secrecy of my mind,
planning actions for my next encounter in the series

Been Conversing with the Devil, you say?

Our future relies on what we do & say today,
what we keep & what we give away,
playing harmless head games amongst ourselves
passing time in a most peculiar way

And it’s an easy leap to reach the next level,
peeling back layer upon layer of complaints,
revealing the inner core of our existence
in a unified individuality of a spotless plot

Pointless acts of aggression divide the many,
motivated to equate folly with an excess of loss,
planting seeds of malcontent with the status quo
waiting for the chance to reacquaint oneself with The Fates

Escaping the mundane is not a viable option, no matter its due,
some days are tedious, like it or not, so stand ready to pause,
for progress comes slow or fast, constructed to last
and we are sequentially challenged to act our part

Ideally we’ll rally for a common cause,
each unit acting as component parts of a mature whole,
stretching the truth to fit the sculptor’s mold of society
with all the significance of a warm day in Hell
[composed in the waiting room for the Psychiatrist & a new script]